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It All Started With Four-Wheel Drive...

With SAE Baja’s push for 4WD integration with competition, our focus was being able to add a 4WD system with minimal weight added.

“If I was fluid…”

The countless hours of bench testing and experimentation with a hydraulic powered 4WD system is a testament to the baja whose build was halted by the pandemic. Nevertheless, the spirit of Bench powered through into the virtual competition with all four wheel turning.

2019-2020 & 2020-2021 

SAE Baja Virtual Comp. Results

Overall: 14th

Design: 4th

Sales Presentation: 53rd 

Cost Event: 15th

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SAE Baja Rochester Comp. Results


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SAE Baja Oregon Comp. Results





It All Started With A Scale...

   With a heavy car from the previous year and a team ready to make some serious design changes, The Mother of all Bajas' was dreamt up with weight in mind.

"A pound here... An ounce there"

   Finished in a candy apple red, M.O.A.B. sparkles in the pride of the members who took the car from dream to design to physical racer. Being 125 lbs lighter than her predecessor and with validation for every design area, all the way down to the rubber boots on the steering rack, she is a true head turner. 


SAE Baja Gorman Comp. Results

Overall: 50th

Acceleration: 4th

Hill Climb:  10th

Suspension: 25th

Endurance:  56th

Design Presentation: 13th

Sales Presentation:  73rd

Cost Event:  76th


Buggy Smalls


It All Started With Carbon Fever...

   Having made improvements towards weight savings and design integrity throughout the whole car, this years beauty has been carefully designed to compete at the highest level possible.

"Aluminum Here... Carbon Fiber There"

   Cutting out even more weight than the previous year, we pushed materials to their limits. All finished in a candy apple red and pearlescent white, Buggy Smalls gleaned in the spotlight and tore the top teams apart in competition. 


SAE Baja Oregon Comp. Results

Overall: 20th

Acceleration: 2nd

Hill Climb: 3rd

Maneuverability: 12th

Rock Crawl: 14th

Endurance: 18th

Design Presentation: 19th

Sales Presentation: 64th

Cost Event: 72nd




It all started with Buggy Smalls…

Utilizing the same chassis from the 17-18 season allowed for the majority of the season designing and testing the other subsystems.


“Too much… Data…”


After fine tuning the CVT through numerous acceleration runs and crashing the test laptop, Kandie was ready to continue our teams performance in acceleration. Kandie also became the first car to ever compete in two competitions within the same season.


SAE Baja Tennessee Comp. Results

Overall: 12th

Acceleration: 4th

Sled Pull: 21st  

Maneuverability: 23rd

Endurance:  25th

Design Presentation: 19th

Sales Presentation: 53rd 

Cost Event: 6th

SAE Baja Gorman Comp. Results

Overall: 31st

Acceleration: 2nd

Hill Climb: 17th  

Suspension: 56th

Endurance:  47th

Design Presentation: 9th

Sales Presentation: 12th 

Cost Event: 5th

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