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We are the California State University, Chico Society of Automotive Engineers, Baja Racing Team. We are a team of engineering students who design, build, and race a car in competitions against teams worldwide.


Being part of this team has given us valuable hands-on design experience that will better prepare us for life after University and to be able to meet the demands of the ever-changing industry. We are a confident and skilled team who has made great progress over the years. With Last year being the first post-pandemic year, we made it our mission to start off as strong as possible, and that’s what we did. At our competition in Rochester, New York, out of almost 100 teams, we placed:

43rd Overall

37th in Sales

28th in Cost

4th in Design

30 in Acceleration

39th in Maneuverability

41st in Sled Pull

11th in Suspension

57th in Endurance


Our university partly funds our project, but we owe our success to the organizations in our community. Their support provides us with the resources we need to execute our designs to the best of our abilities.

We would like to invite you to partner with us and become a project sponsor. Your partnership will help us fabricate parts in-house, keep us safe, and steer our future engineers, project managers, and scientists toward promising careers after graduation.

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